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Management & organization


Domel Holding, d.d.

The main activities are managing the companies and service activities of cleaning production and commercial premises, brokering the sale of waste raw materials, accounting and financial services, marketing, keeping shareholder books and performing complete investment services.

Domel, d.o.o.

The range of products manufactured and sold comprises vacuum units for wet and dry vacuuming, DC motors, commutator motors, electronic commutator motors, stepping motors, blowers, ventilators, the vehicle range, components and tools and laboratory equipment.

Domel Inc.

The company is established in the USA, where it performs market research and sells parent company products.

Domel IP, d.o.o.

Operations involve the manufacture of components for electric motors, disabled organisation activities and other services.

Domel Electric Motors Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Manufacture and marketing of vacuum units.

Domel Energija, d.o.o.

Other project management and related technical consultancy.

The management

  • Matjaž Čemažar M.Sc., Chairman of the Management Board of Domel Holding, d.d.
  • Zvone Torkar, Managing Director of Domel, d.o.o.
  • Rado Lenkič, Managing Director of Domel IP, d.o.o.
  • Simon Zgaga, Managing Director of Domel Electric Motors Suzhou Co. Ltd.
  • Karmen Nastran, Managing Director of Domel Energija, d.o.o.
  • Peter Korošec, Managing Director of Domel Inc.
  • Aleš Markelj, Director of General Affairs
  • Milan Tušek, Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Tanja Kramar, M.Sc., Director of Procurement
  • Minka Benedičič, Director of Finance and Accounting
  • Aljoša Močnik, Director of the Automotive business unit
  • Lojze Demšar, Director of the EC Systems business unit
  • Miro Šmid, Director of Quality
  • dr. Janez Rihtaršič, Director of Research and Development
  • Andrej Eržen, Director of the Laboratory Systems business unit
  • Tomaž Stanonik, Director of the Motors business unit
  • Gregor Jelenc, Director of the Componenets and Tools business unit