Motor Controllers

Based on 20 years of experience on EC drives technology for Fans and our R&D knowledge of ventilation and applications, we developed optimal combination of Domel EC motor and motor controller.

Level of protection IP55. EMI filter and line choke are integrated in the controller. Commutation is sensor less so there is only one motor cable needed.

Main Advantages

        • Very high efficiency
        • Maintenance free
        • Long life
Type Nominal output power [kW] Mains voltage [VAC] Output current [A] Weight [kg]
Compacto 08 0,80 1x230 4,0 4,2
Compacto 11 1,10 1x230 6,0 4,2
Invento S15 1,50 3x400 3,7 5,5
Invento S22 2,20 3x400 5,3 5,5
Invento S30 3,00 3x400 7,2 6,2
Invento S40 4,00 3x400 9,1 6,5
Invento S55 5,50 3x400 12,0 7,2

Data above represent the performance of an average sample. Individual data may vary due to normal manufacturing variations.

  • To be used with our AZ motors in

    • HVAC (Fans: plug in, axial, single inlet centrifugal forward/backward curved)
    • Industrial and commercial (Pumps, Air compressors, Industrial machines)