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History & milestones

Domel company milestones

1946 Domel grew out of the Niko metalworking cooperative, which was established by 16 local people from Železniki on 27 April 1946. The cooperative acquired its name from the first cooperative member and driving force in its founding, Niko Žumer. With some machines taken from a craft workshop and made operational, the cooperative started up the production of recording device mechanisms. The volume of work rapidly increased. The number of employees grew. By the end of first year there were already 59 cooperative members. The increase of employment gave rise to an expanision of the product lines, which spread from office materials to laboratory apparatus.
1953 The company produced its first electric motor. There was an increasing shift towards series production.
1954 In 1954, social ownership was introduced to the cooperative, which now had 246 workers.
1958 In that year the first electric motor was exported. In that same year a new production and commercial building was constructed for electic motors. Electric motors became the primary focus of the company's product range.
1962 In 1962 it joined Iskra, and within that group it retained the electric motor line and successfully developed it. Links started begin forget with major global white goods manufactures.
1974 A decisive factor in determining the product orientation was the development of a vacuum motor for vacuum cleaners, which allowed the company to penetrate the German market. These motors became the product line.
1987 In 1987 the company went independent. Then in 1992 it started operating under the new name of Domel.
1996 Upon completion of the privatisation process in 1996, Domel became a joint-stock shareholder company.
2006 A subsidiary production company was established in China, whereby Domel d.d. acquired its first production company abroad. The purpose of this company is to manufacture vaccum units for vacuum cleaners in the middle and low pricerange. Domel d.d. became a leading manufacturer of vacumm cleaner motors in the European market.
2009 Sole ownership of the company was acquired by the authorised company Domel Holding, d.d., which is owned employees, former employees and those in retirement.
2010 The merger by acquisition of the company Tehtnica was carried out in 2010. Domel became a limited liability company.
2011 Along with ten partners, we established the NELA development centre, to which on 1 June we assigned nine of our development staff and carried out the first investments for the development of products and technology.
2012 The Domel Group reorganises as a more open and transparent organisation
2013 New family of vacuum motors introduced with more than 50% efficiency
2014 100 million vacuum units produced
2017 New production facilities open in Trata, Škofja Loka
2019 Manufacturing company founded in Serbia