With partners to the unveiling of Slovenia's first hydrogen filling station

Domel, in collaboration with its partners, at the forefront Petrol and Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon Technology (CoNot), in mid-September unveiled Slovenia´s first and Europe´s 53rd compressed hydrogen filling station located in Lesce, Slovenia.

The hydrogen filling station, due to its purity and availability represents one of the most important energy sources of the near future, as well as, the testing ground for future development of hydrogen powered vehicles. Currently there are only a handful of vehicles powered by fuel cells or modified internal combustion engines running on hydrogen. It is a fact that the world´s largest manufacturers of automobiles will within two years begin to manufacture  a number of new models in serial production. The opening of this filling station fulfills the basic requirement needed for citizens to register hydrogen vehicles in Slovenia, since current legislation did not allow registration of vehicles for which their energy source  was not publicly available. We should add that for one kilogram of hydrogen produced from electrolysis, allowing an average vehicle to drive approximately 100 km, we need 8 kg of water and 162 MJ of energy. The efficiency of fuel cell vehicles, from today´s perspective, is at least double the efficiency of  today¨s conventional internal combustion engines. One of the major issues facing the success of acceptance of hydrogen technologies today, is the market price of hydrogen, which will most definitely be influenced by world politics.

filling station