Innovation from Domel: Vacuum cleaner motor in a capsule

Domel creates development trends in cooperation with costumers.

Actual innovation from Domel resolves the problem by channelling exiting air around the vacuum cleaner motor through the housing of the capsule where noise and vibration are muffled well.

The vacuum cleaner motor is softly mounted with special susspension in a capsule and simultaneously the same mounting mechanism is used for assembly into the vacuum cleaner appliance. Domel was thus able to offer customers more, it raised the added value of the vacuum cleaner and ensured that vacuum cleaner appliance stays efficient throughout the entire operational life. This is becoming very important in connection with energy label standard for the vacuum cleaners, which will be introduced  in the year 2014. 

The innovation was first time presented on 8thSlovenian Innovation Forum where the vacuum cleaner motor in the capsule was selected among the three best innovations of Forum.