Domel message for the second COVID-19 epidemic

Dear Valued Customer, In order to secure our deliveries, Domel is strictly following all measures to minimize the risk of infection spreading among our employees.

As a responsible company, our top priority in this situation is the health of our employees and their families. We are thus following all the requirements provided by the authorities and health experts to protect our employees from getting infected by this virus. Domel has launched a special task force team to handle this situation. We are measuring body temperature at the company entrance, the wearing of masks is mandatory, while washing and disinfection of hands are enabled at several locations in the company. The social distance rule of keeping 1.5m distance has also been established, and all employees that can work remotely are now working from home. Social interactions between shift changes have been organized to avoid contact between different shifts. In cases of potential infections, our employees and all related critical contacts will be immediately isolated from other employees. Our aim is to isolate individuals or small teams as soon as possible, and thus avoid a plant lockdown.

Some very turbulent months are ahead of us. We are constantly supervising our stock of raw materials and critical purchased parts. We will also build up more stock than usual for many critical materials. Despite all such efforts, however, we will probably not be able to overcome all the obstacles that confront us, and if the production stops due to the situation at our suppliers, because of transport issues or perhaps even a pause in production at Domel itself, please note that this would be a matter of force majeure, a matter beyond our control. In such cases, our sales staff will inform your responsible buyers promptly.

Domel’s high product diversification will enable our financial stability. The company recovered well after the 1st wave of the pandemic, and we are sure that we will keep you, our valued customers, satisfied after 2nd wave and for many years to come.

At this point, we would kindly ask you to share all information possible about demand forecasts and any changes in these with our sales contacts. Please do this promptly and precisely. Domel is known as a very flexible company, but in this situation we need all your support to overcome the problems we are all facing in the best possible manner.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Matjaž Čemažar, President and CEO

Jaka Kavčič, Director of Sales and Marketing