Domel awarded a gold medal for innovation

On Monday, November 30th, 2020, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) presented its national awards in the field of innovation.

CCIS awards for innovation at the national level are the highest national accolades for the innovative achievements of Slovenian companies and other organisations, and thus promote innovation in Slovenia.

With its innovation, the development of a mid-drive system for e-bikes, Domel won the highest award, the gold medal.

This innovation is the fruit of cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the result of technological researchers looking for the limits of the possible; with their knowledge, the team has won recognition in one of the most demanding niche markets. The companies Domel, Podkrižnik and EMSISO, in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, thus developed one of the most powerful hybrid mid-drive systems for e-bikes. The first responses of cyclists to the tests on the German market are promising, and enable us to strengthen the international competences of development suppliers in the field of e-mobility.

The innovation involved the cooperation of the following: Boris Benedičič, Aleš Eržen, Primož Kafol, Andraž Štefanič, Neža Ravnihar, Urška Čmigo, Gregor Vidmar, Miha Benedik, Žiga Gjuran, Žan Brežan, mag. Matjaž Čemažar, Tomaž Kastelic, Matej Bregar, Matej Kramer, Andrej Rihter, Aljaž Forštner, Andrej Štok, Jure Podkrižnik, Simon Kulovec, FS LECAD: Damijan Zorko, Borut Černe, Jože Tavčar, EMSISO: Martin Pec and Borut Barbarič.
We sincerely congratulate all those involved, and we wish them many more innovative ideas.