Domel NZA motors

NZA motors are ultra high efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), produced with ferrite magnets in standard IEC housing, that significantly improves your return on investment.

NZA motor

• Proven ultra-high efficiency, exceeding requirements equivalent to IE5
• 30 to 40 % lower losses compared to equivalent IE3 asynchronous motors with frequency converter
• Exceptional efficiency levels over the whole operating speed range
• Speed up to 6.000 rpm
• Very low noise and vibrations
• Maintenance free operation
• IEC motor frame
• Use of ferrite magnets
• Higher power densities allowing smaller frame sizes
• Rugged mechanism using the same components as asynchronous motors
• Longer life time due to low temperature rise

Domel developed state of the art motor construction, which offer highest efficiency, small size and low weight motors with use of non-rare earth, ferrite magnets.

This PMS motor combines unique Domel’s electrical design with proven mechanical design of AC Induction Motors. The result is a compact motor range primarily targeted toward all HVAC and industrial applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors, blowers and all other applications where there is an emphasis on reducing the operating cost or weight and size of the motors.

The use of variable speed, and the optimization of mechanical systems, are the main means of achieving maximum savings. The adoption of NZA motor-drive unit solutions optimizes energy consumption savings.

2.1. Exceptional efficiency levels over the whole operating speed range, especially at speeds below the synchronous speed where efficiency is much higher than with asynchronous motors

NZA Motor Efficiency Map 1NZA Motor Efficiency Map 2

Domel Motor with ferrite magnets is highly efficient over a wide range of speeds and loads. In the range from 25-50 kW (or 80-160 Nm) at 3000 rpm the motor + VFD has higher than 94% efficiency.

Thanks to unique design motor reach high power factor, which in some case could eliminate usage of oversized VFD.

2.2. Energy savings, reduction in costs of use and installation

The operating cost savings will pay for the initial increased cost of the PMSM. 

Energy costs through the life cycle represent the highest part of the overall operating costs. If the operating costs can be reduced, profitability can be increased, and system becomes more environmentally friendly. PMS motors guarantee high energy savings and reduce payback time due to much higher efficiencies compared to an AC motor.

2.3. Excellent return on investment compared to conventional asynchronous solutions and reduced overall cost of ownership
With use of VFD the loses of the system with NZA motor at nominal speed can be 30 to 40% lower than at comparable IE3 asynchronous motors with frequency converter. When using the system at partial load the losses in the system are reduced even more. This will have significant effect on costs of electricity and on the return on investment.

Due to higher system efficiency and consequently lower electricity consumption also the CO2 emissions are reduced significantly. Only one 45 kW motor can save up to 50t in CO2 emissions in 10 years of operation.

Efficiency at 3.000 rpm

NZA Efficiency at 3.000 rpm
1) working 24/7
2) 1 kWh=0,1173 €
3) 1 kWh=0,335 kgCO2e/kWh


NZA solutions guarantee rated torque over the whole speed range, offering significantly better performance than conventional technologies.

3.1. Adaptation of the motor speed to the speed of the driven machine
NZA motor is not limited to pole number as it is the case with asynchronous motors. Our motor always has the same number of poles. However, the winding is prepared in a way to meet customer’s needs as much as possible. Therefore, the winding of the motor defines nominal speed of motor at desired voltage.

3.2. Potential elimination of gearing
Due to the flexibility in nominal speed of NZA motor, it can be used as a direct drive motor in many applications.

3.3. Better performance of the driven machine by increasing its speed
NZA motor innovative construction enables ultra-high efficiencies also for speeds above 3.000 rpm.

3.4. Low rotor temperature rise and better bearing performance
Due to higher efficiency of PMS motors, and hence lower power losses, PMS motors with ferrite magnets run at lower temperatures. This has the benefit of longer bearing and insulation life and reduces the amount of heat that is transferred into the surrounding environment.
Rotor on PMS motor with ferrite magnets does not generate additional heat as is the case with asynchronous motors, which contributes to lower bearing temperatures. This has the benefit of longer bearing life.

3.5. Use of ferrite magnets
Ferrite magnets are non-rear earth magnets with worldwide availability and ensured price and supply stability into the future. Domel uses ceramic ferrite magnets which have better corrosion resistance. Due to the nature of ferrite magnets, they are also resistant to higher temperature and don’t experience any reduction in characteristics over time.

Motor’s dimensions and weights for 3.000 rpm.

NZA Motor’s dimensions and weights for 3.000 rpm

NZA compared to AC

• Wide power output 11 - 45 kW
• Compact range in IEC frames: 180
• Voltage: 3 phase 230 - 480 V
• Speed range up to 6000 RPM
• Sensorless control
• Controlled by most standard Drives
• Standard temperature range: -40 to +40 °C
• Humidity range: 0-95 %

• strong competence level to support customization
• Full flexibility regarding motor speed
• Same mechanical selection possibilities (B3, B5 etc) as in a standardized IEC range

Solutions for:
• Fans and Ventilation
• Data centres
• Healthcare air treatments
• Clean rooms
• Compressors
• Pumps
• Exhaust ventilation systems
• Blowers
• Cooling towers
• Grain storage silos
• Bag filters
• Hydraulic power units
• Extruders
• Ball mills

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