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Vibromix 10

Continuously adjustable speed control makes the Vibromix 10 - Vortex Mixer, useful for a variety of applications from gentle mixing of samples to resuspending pellets. Two modes of operation can be selected. “TOUCH” control allows the Vibromix10 to be activated only when needed by depressing the sample head. When set to “ON” the unit will operate continuously until switched to the “OFF” position.

The general-purpose cup attachment supplied with the Vibromix 10 accepts a variety of different sized tubes. Additional heads are available for mixing larger sample tubes, multiple micro tubes and micro plates. Heavy-duty construction ensures a long life, and combined with the rubber feet, keeps the unit stable and prevents “walking”. A small footprint allows the Vibromix 10 to be used virtually anywhere, including temperature controlled environments from 4° to 65°C.

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  • Optional heads for tubes and micro plates
  • Continuously variable speed control
  • “Touch” or continuous operation
  • Powerful motor for efficient pellet disruption