2.2-Brushless blower/pump CODE - 792.3.265-371

145 mm (5,7”) - Tangential discharge (120VAC), 450W, 2 STAGES

792 tangential discharge blowers/pumps are available in one-, two- or three-stage configuration, with power ratings up to 1100W. These are our standard blowers and for pressure application we have solutions with special sealing which protects bearing. Such a solution is available up on request.

Possible applications:

  • fume/smoke extraction,
  • medical Laser fume extraction,
  • collator,
  • cutting tables / vacuum tables,
  • printing machine,
  • paper handling,
  • packaging equipment,
  • hopper loader,
  • dryer,
  • hand dryer,
  • industrial vacuum cleaner,
  • cooling of various things,
  • etc.

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We provide customized solutions to suit your needs.

Brushless blower/pump CODE - 792.3.265
Brushless blower/pump CODE - 792.3.265

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