8-Brushless blower/pump CODE - 793.3.285

145 mm (5,7”) - High Speed - Tangential discharge (230 or 120 VAC)

793.3.285 series blower (brushless vacuum motor) is DOMEL’s brand new design. It reaches efficiency up to 45%, which is the highest efficiency in our product range. Speed of the blower goes up to 45.000 RPM and blower reaches maximum air power to 550W. Such a brushless solution is very suitable for professional central vacuum cleaners and other various applications where good size/performance ratio is essential. This brushless blower has an external controller with several features, such as speed output, 0 – 10 VDC regulation, etc. Also a version with integrated controller and same funcionality is available. For controller data and correct part number please contact us.

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Brushless blower/pump CODE - 793.3.285
Brushless blower/pump CODE - 793.3.285