Motor Controllers

Based on 20 years of experience on EC drives technology for Fans and our R&D knowledge of ventilation and applications, we developed optimal combination of Domel EC motor and motor controller.

DFI - E3 include IP20 and IP66 controllers for HVAC and other industrial applications, and set a new cost competitive standard for dedicated fan and pump control. Ease-of-use and innovative design combined with robust performance provides powerful flow control and reliability in a compact drive. The HVAC controller E3, provides 98% drive efficiency combined with low input harmonic current distortion compliant with EN61000-3-12.

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Main Advantages

        • Very high efficiency
        • Maintenance free
        • Long life
Input Ratings Supply Voltage

110 – 115V ± 10%

200 – 240V ± 10%

380 – 480V ± 10%

Supply Frequency 48 – 62Hz
Displacement Power Factor > 0.98
Phase Imbalance 3% Maximum allowed
Inrush Current < rated current
Power Cycles 120 per hour maximum, evenly spaced
Output Ratings Output Power

110V 1 Ph Input: 0.5–1.5HP (230V 3 Ph Output)

230V 1 Ph Input: 0.37–4kW (0.5–5HP)
230V 3 Ph Input: 0.37–11kW (0.5–15HP)
400V 3 Ph Input: 0.75–22kW
460V 3 Ph Input: 1–30HP

Overload Capacity

150% for 60 Seconds

175% for 2.5 seconds

Output Frequency 0 – 360Hz, 0.1Hz resolution
Acceleration Time 0.01 – 600 seconds
Deceleration Time 0.01 – 600 seconds
TypicalEfficiency > 98%
Ambient Conditions Temperature

Storage: −40 to 60°C

Operating: −10 to 50°C


Up to 1000m ASL without derating

Up to 2000m maximum UL approved

Up to 4000m maximum (non UL)

  Humidity 95% Max, non condensing
  Vibration Conforms to EN61800-5-1
Enclosure Ingress Protection IP20, IP66
  • To be used with our PM motors in

    • HVAC (Fans: plug in, axial, single inlet centrifugal forward/backward curved)
    • Industrial and commercial (Pumps, Air compressors, Industrial machines)