Overmoulding stator insulation

Our newest technology, which is an extension of our stamping technology.

Some advantages of overmoulding insulation in comparison with standard paper insulation:

  • only one tool for complete rotor or stator insulation (between the poles as well as top and bottom)
  • improved thermal conductivity
  • simplified motor winding
  • cost efficiency

Our services include:

  • overmoulding insulation of stator stacks with straight or slanted poles and with or without compensation
  • thin-wall insulation
  • Sigmasoft injection moulding simulation
  • in-house tool design and manufacturing
  • 100% insulation quality testing
  • linked stamping and injection moulding technologies

The technology is used for products in the automotive, HVAC and power tools industries. EC motors are used for all three.

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Components - Overmoulding stator insulation
Components - Overmoulding stator insulation