Universal Commutator Motors

Universal commutator motors form the foundation of Domel’s product range. They are manufactured using the latest technical standards on highly automated production lines. This ensures high quality, reliability, traceability and an excellent balance of quality, energy efficiency and price.

All motors are available in several voltage versions and are open frame or have compact housing made of sheet metal or BMC (Bulk Mold Compund). They are constructed in accordance with EN, UL and CCC standards. Universal commutator motors are grouped by voltage and size class, and intended use.

In terms of specific requirements, they are fitted with various types of bearings and shafts, and they can be upgraded with one or more impeller wheels for air movement. They are fitted with brushes made of special graphite compounds to achieve the required life span.

All universal motors are highly efficient, with specific power, revolution and reliability. They are in accordance with RoHS and REACH directives, which require the use of environmentally friendly materials that can be readily degraded at the end of the product’s lifespan.