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BMC Thermosetting parts

In 1992 we introduced injection moulding of BMC Duroplast. Today we inject BMC using fourteen technically refined injection moulding machines with clamping force from 1200 kN to 3500 kN.

Our services include:

  • thermally, chemically and mechanically resistant BMC products that are the most cost-effective replacements for aluminium and thermoplastic products
  • patented insertion of metal sleeves
  • cleaning products in special chambers for shot blasting
  • in-house tool design and manufacturing
  • development process in line with car industry standards
  • Moldflow injection moulding simulation
  • storage of BMC materials in controlled cooled warehouse
  • CAQ system (statistical computer-aided quality assurance).

Our customers are well-known manufacturers in the car industry and manufacturers of household appliances.

BMC Thermosetting parts
BMC Thermosetting parts