Employees – the key factor in the company’s success,

We employ people who form the vision, define the mission, create the culture, establish the values, and adopt the strategies for their implementation. They recognise new business opportunities and develop new products and services in order to exploit them. If they are successful at this, our company will also be successful. The Domel Group currently employs more than 1,200 people, who form an efficient and committed team.

We know that our employees are the key factor in the company’s success, and therefore we provide a safe and healthy work environment, offer comprehensive education and training that involves all employees in career and professional development, and encourage and reward innovation.

Job satisfaction is always linked to satisfaction in life. For this reason, at Domel we also try to improve the quality of the leisure activities of our employees in different ways: offering holiday facilities at low prices, joint gatherings at summer picnics, New Year’s gifts for children, subsidised recreational and cultural activities, and a variety of other enriching and connecting activities.



Job vacancies

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Domel, send your application to

We invite candidates with a bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering with experience in the automotive industry and the development of EC technologies.