Automotive industry

We have been active in the automotive industry market since 2004. During this time, we have partnered with renowned car manufacturers and manufacturers of components for the industry. The products are the result of our own development and technologies, and are integrated in virtually all cars throughout the world.  

Because we develop the motor together with you according to your requirements, we test it in our certified labs and automate our production.   

Our processes and technologies provide you with a high-quality, optimised and reliable motor with good characteristics.

  • Tailor-made design 
  • Advanced materials 
  • High integration of components 
  • Reliable product  
  • Innovative solutions for protection 


Domel’s competences and advantages:  

  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of electronically commutated motors (BLDC). 
  • Strategic development supplier – the capacity to develop a motor on the basis of customer’s requirements and specifications, and industrialise the product.  
  • Managing advanced technologies – we offer individual components for electric motors, components made from thermosetting polymers and complete drive solutions.  
  • All the key components are produced at Domel.
  • nnovative advanced solutions – we provide support for both original equipment manufacturers as well as others among the largest suppliers in the automotive industry.  
  • The high level of integration of technologies increases the level of competitiveness.  
  • By offering energy-efficient products, we help our customers achieve the following key objectives: lower energy consumption, lower emissions and lower vehicle weights.  
  • Our own tool shop, prototype shop and testing laboratories ensure flexibility, a high level of responsiveness and a very efficient and quick process from concept design to prototype development.  
  • By combining our own technologies in the field of electric motors, we are setting new trends in terms of the protection of electric motors from environmental impacts.  
  • Global manufacturers of water and oil pumps and compressors recognise us as an important development partner.  


Early cooperation in the development of a feasible solution that will satisfy your needs is crucial. Such cooperation optimises the operation of the application and reduces the risks associated with motor reliability, cost overrun and project work. In order to achieve the project’s objectives, we cooperate with you from product design to commercialisation. With your help, we can install our motors in different vehicles. 

Thanks to simulations, our own prototyping workshop and internal testing laboratory we can successfully implement your initial idea about the product and take it into mass production as soon as possible.  

Turn your ideas into reality with us.  


ISO 13485 certified, ensuring top-quality, safe laboratory equipment

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