Our activities and processes are based on values that we classify into five groups. They are our pillars for achieving sustainable development.



Creativity and ambition

Working at Domel is a chance for professional and personal growth, where constant learning and personal development establish the foundations for greater creativity. We take time for thinking and innovative approaches, and encourage new ideas and reward the good ones. We are constantly improving the methods and results of our work.

Our goals are ambitious, but attainable. We have the courage to accept obstacles and errors, from which we are able to learn. We set high targets at the company level and at the level of each individual, and encourage healthy competition and a culture of education and promotion at the workplace, and at the same time we strive to achieve a balance between work and family life.


Responsibility and efficiency

Our motto is “I do as I say”. We always fulfil our obligations and promises.

We use company assets in a rational manner in all circumstances and at all times, as if they were our own property, and at the same time we strive to obtain maximum yields from the lowest possible inputs. Since we are results-oriented, we operate in the direction of developing optimal products, achieving optimal conditions in the market, constantly reducing costs, and continually searching for business opportunities and the generation of profit.


Respect and cooperation

We behave towards others as we would wish others to behave towards us. We do not permit disrespectful attitudes. Cruelty, dishonesty and vanity have no place at Domel. We are together in good times and bad, we identify and resolve potential problems, and we also celebrate together. We collaborate in setting and meeting objectives, and we are aware that we are a part of a collective that can only achieve these goals through cooperation. For this reason we encourage the team method – we actively collaborate in teams, encourage diversity of thinking, and stress the importance of the individual’s contribution to the common result.


Customer and employee orientation

Since we are aware that the customer is king, reasonable flexibility regarding the client’s needs has always been our competitive advantage. We have a plan and targets for working with clients. Our approach to clients is high-quality and genuine, meaning that we take time for them, seek out the best possibilities for price and quality, are approachable, create a pleasant atmosphere, and are friendly, reliable and flexible.

We work to ensure the development, selection and professional and personal growth of our employees, so that the right people get to the right jobs. Our jobs enable creativity, bring inner satisfaction to our employees, are not routine, are adequately compensated and are not injurious to health.



We are proud to be Domel employees. Employee loyalty is the cornerstone of our company’s existence and development, since it signifies the merging of career dreams and corporate goals. We are working to create a comprehensive human resource management system. All employees are aware of the importance of internalising the company’s goals, values, mission and vision, and of doing their best to contribute to the company’s development and advancement.