The MillMix 30 homogenizer is developed for scientists who need an efficient procedure for obtaining various samples.  

It is easy to use. One control knob together with a bright LED display make it simple to use, with all the important information provided at once. It is powerful, efficient and fast.  

A broad range of standard and custom-made chambers and test tube holders makes the MillMix 30 a suitable tool for dedicated scientific work as well as daily routines. It is efficient for homogenisation, disintegration and  mixing in a short period of time.  

Advanced technology – the powerful electronically commutated DC motor, controlled by a digital processor, does not require any special maintenance. A wide range of jars and tube holders – the largest jar capacity is 2 x 50 ml. Jars can be made of steel or stainless steel and tungsten carbide; PTFE adapters can be square or circular. The sizes of test tube holders are 5–50 ml. We can also make changes to meet your requirements, and special adapters are available on request. 

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ISO 13485 certified, ensuring top-quality, safe laboratory equipment

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