E-bike central motor

The e-bike motor developed in cooperation with partners was the result of a different, more innovative method of work, on that included several groups of associates.  The assembly is constructed of several complex parts and is highly sophisticated. Domel’s brushless motor installed in the e-bike drive is one of the best motors in terms of characteristics and efficiency. This provides the end application with lower consumption, good responsiveness in all conditions, and power that can be used by the end users.  

The electronics and software in the drive allow several customisations and adjustments that can be used in various types of battery-driven vehicles, such as: 

  • Cargo bikes 
  • Speed bikes  
  • Two- or three-wheelers 
  • Wheelchairs 
  • Cross motorcycles 
  • Small motorcycles 
  • Small boats 
  • Electric wheelchairs  


Maximum power 700 W - 200 s 
Constant power  450 W 
Torque up to 120 Nm
Voltage 48 V 


Turn your ideas into reality. 


The drive unit is currently adapted for demanding mountain bikers
who like to climb forest paths as fast as they descend. It helps the rider with 750 W of power and up to 150 Nm of torque, which is as much torque as a small passenger car can achieve. 
The drive is versatile, perfect for experienced mountain bikers and those who want to travel a longer distance in a faster time. Thanks to the excellent Domel motor, the drive is energy efficient at the lowest level of assistance, and thus enables users to cycle long distances. 
Due to its high power, the drive is excellent for delivery or cargo bikes
Precise sensors and software enable optimisation that is suitable for lower speeds and higher starting torque. Due to the weight of the bike, the cyclist on a delivery or cargo bike starts to turn the pedals slowly, where even at a very low cadence the motor provides a great deal of assistance. The motor can then hold a nominal power of 450 W for a very long time, which is suitable for a powerful e-bike or delivery bike. Due to all these features, the drive is also suitable for tricycles or quadricycles
The drive is also installed on “speed” bikes, which are currently becoming more popular. With the same power, it helps the cyclist reach a speed of up to 45 km/h. 



  • Technological solutions have placed the new drive at the very top of performance in the global market. 
  • It is classified in the highest quality class
  • Domel’s drive has the highest torque on the e-bike market, and has the best weight / torque ratio in this respect. 
  • The drive software can be customised. It is made in such a way that the buyer or distributor of an e-bike can optimise it on their own to meet their own needs or preferences with regard to the drive.  The speed is adjustable according to customer requirements. 
  • This is the only product on the market where the motor helps at a very low cadence (and thus at low revs). 

ISO 13485 certified, ensuring top-quality, safe laboratory equipment

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