Medicine and health components

At Domel we have a wealth of knowledge and competences in several fields of medicine and healthcare. We have been active in the field of components for several decades. Our vacuum units and blowers are used in various applications.

Devices equipped with our blowers and vacuum units are customisable and powerful. They are simple to use and efficient.



Our motors and blowers are used in various applications: 

  • Washer-disinfectors/disinfectors, fumigation 
  • Hand dryers  
  • Chambers/clean rooms 
  • Air beds/mattresses 
  • Ventilators/respirators 
  • Extraction in dental technology  
  • Extraction in medicine (laser operations, ultrasound)  
  • Extraction in cosmetics 
  • Cryotherapy  
  • Automated/robotised cells for analysis 
  • Jetted tubs 


Technical data: 


Voltage 12–240 V 
Power up to 2500 W  
Efficiency more than 50% 
Flow rate up to 80 l/s  
Negative/positive pressure up to 34 kPa 
Number of stages 1-3


EC blowers:

Diameter 120–269 mm 
Voltage various VDC (24–1000 VDC), various AC (90–250VAC), 3~400 VAC (or other)
Power 150–2500 W   
Efficiency up to 50%
Flow rate 10–200 l/s 
Negative/positive pressure up to 35 kPa 
Number of stages 1–3




Advantages of EC blowers: 

  • Long lifetime 
  • High power capability; ratio P/m 
  • Possibility of additional functions 
  • High efficiency 
  • Anti-corrosion protection 
  • Optimised sealing system 
  • Low noise operation 
  • Wide power range 
  • Universal voltage supply (90–250 VAC) 

Advantages of vacuum motors for dry & wet applications: 

  • Wide selection of different designs (compact, robust) 
  • Reliability 
  • High efficiency  
  • Low noise operation  


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