Sustainable solutions

Sustainable development and innovation are key guiding principles in the development of new and optimisation of existing products and technologies. The key areas of sustainable product development to which we pay particular attention are

  • maximising energy and material efficiency,
  • extending lifetime,
  • reducing noise levels and
  • investing in digitalisation and optimisation of processes.

In this way, we provide our customers and end-users with energy efficient and sustainable solutions.

The consumption of electricity during the operation of an electric motor accounts for more than 90% of all CO2 emissions during the lifetime of the product. Through innovative development and continuous improvements of electric motor and drive technology, we ensure high energy efficiency and lower consumption of raw materials, thus contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving natural resources.

Domel’s electric motors are ranked in the highest energy efficiency classes and are as much as 60% lighter compared to competitive motors. In the area of sustainable mobility, we contribute indirectly to sustainable driving with fewer emissions through the development and production of drive assemblies and components for electric vehicles. We strive to select materials that are more environmentally friendly and recyclable, and operate in accordance with environmental and quality standards.