Material analyses and technical purity

Domel operates a laboratory for chemical analysis of materials and analysis of technical purity. As part of the chemical analysis of materials, we primarily deal with the characterisation of microstructure and chemical composition of metallic materials, and with the properties of polymer materials at the micro/macro scale. To carry out analyses of metallic materials, we obtained competences and equipment for microstructural analyses using the metallographic microscope and other equipment, as well as competences for determining the chemical composition of materials using the XRF spectrometer. The XRF x-ray analyser allows a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a broad spectrum of solid, loose and liquid materials for content of elements Mg to U.  

Domel’s products include a lot of polymer materials. To control the processing process and check the quality of the supplied semi-finished products, we use the most advanced methods and instruments for characterisation of polymer properties, such as:

  • differential scanning calorimetry (DSC),
  • FTIR spectrometry and
  • thermomechanical analysis (TMA). 

Because our products enter the most demanding markets of automotive and medical equipment, we also need to ensure a suitable technical purity. As a result, we enhanced our competences and upgraded our equipment for qualitative analysis of our products in terms of technical purity. To carry out the analyses of purity, we use equipment from the established manufacturers Hydac and Olympus.


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