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Motor drives

At Domel, we develop the electronics in-house and have several laboratories with software and motor drive development devices. From a strategic point of view, our knowledge of the functioning and development of motor drives is our competence which we will continue to enhance in the future.

We develop EC/BLDC motor drives in-house or in cooperation with partners, while we purchase motor drives with higher power or supply them in cooperation with partners. All the drives integrated into the motor are developed in-house.


EC blower motor drives

We use EC blower motor drives which are developed in-house and are the result of our own knowledge and experience.

Another very important factor, besides the drive and motor part, is software which makes it possible to meet the customer’s requirements as much as possible.

EC blowers, together with motor drives, are known for their long service lifetimes even in the most demanding operating conditions.


Drives for low-voltage BLDC motors for battery-powered vacuum cleaners

Drives for low-voltage motors for consumer battery-powered vacuum cleaners are among Domel’s new products operating on the principle of BLDC commutation. They are used in vacuum units with EC motors for battery-powered applications. The input voltage ranges from 20 V to 30 V, and the maximum current is up to 22 A. If appropriate cooling is used, it can reach powers up to 660 W. The user interface can include a combination of UART communication and up to three digital/analogue inputs/outputs.


Control electronics for BLDC motor for e-bike

In cooperation with a partner company, we developed the control electronics (software and hardware) for e-bike drives. At a later stage, we took over the development and maintenance of software. The drive uses CAN communication. We are also developing Bluetooth® connectivity to allow communication with smart devices. Functionality can be adjusted and upgraded according to the wishes and requirements of customers. The control electronics are in accordance with the European safety standards for e-bikes.


Motor drives for ventilation

We do not produce our own drives for PMS motors with high power intended primarily for ventilation. In this area, we collaborate with major manufacturers of control electronics, such OJ Electronics from Denmark and Invertek from the UK, and carry out test bench measurements at the customer's request to adjust the appropriate settings of control electronics, thus ensuring a reliable and optimal operation of the motor + drive combination. Our motors have also been tested for operation with drives from the leading manufacturers on the market, such as Danfoss from Denmark and ABB from Finland.

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