Domel is an innovative company, with more than a third of its annual turnover achieved on the sale of products developed in the last three years. On the basis of several awards for innovations, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce ranks Domel among the 10 most innovative Slovenian companies. Both Domel’s products and its technologies and tools are mostly the result of our own development and production activities, which are upgraded in cooperation with external partners. We carry out innovative activities on three levels:

  • General innovation activity which involves all employees and is supported by the SORA information system that supports the process of capturing and implementing ideas. 

  • Professional innovation activity is characterised by the processes of change and developing new products. During the process of change, the existing product range is systematically updated, while new products are created according to project management steps. With these projects, we achieve growth and competitiveness in the medium term. 

  • Within open innovation, we invite external associates to participate in the development of new products that will likely enter production over a time period longer than 5 years. 

SORA – Platform for capturing and processing innovative suggestions of all employees at the Domel Group. 

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