Fume extraction

Fume extractors are used to extract and filter toxic fumes and dust from various work environments and machines. A fume extractor is basically a piece of equipment that sucks the contaminated air with all the particles in it and cleans that same air through a filter (or series of filters) before returning, the now clean air, back to the room. After filtration, all of the dust particles and toxic fumes should be collected within the filter(s).  

This process is possible thanks to Domel's brushless vacuum motor, which generates the suction flow, and the filters, which filtrate the air.  

Various processes create fumes or particles, such as laser cutting, welding, sanding, grinding, spraying, powder filling, and chemical applications, etc.  


Brushless Blower advantages are: 

  • No carbon brush dust/sparking 
  • Long life time (20,000+ working hours) 
  • Designed for frequent ON/OFF cycles 
  • High power capability; ratio P/m 
  • Universal voltage supply (100 – 240VAC) 


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