Solutions with PMS motors

AZ, ZZ, NZ, and NZA motors are extremely efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), produced with ferrite magnets. AZ in ZZ so kratki, optimalni za low in medium speed. NZ and NZA so za vse hitrosti. NZA use standard IEC frames.  

Motor type NS 65/771 can be produced with integrated drive.


For applications: 

  • air handling units 
  • data centre cooling
  • ventilation for agriculture
  • roof fans
  • box fans
  • cooling towers
  • air heaters
  • heat pumps
  • heat recovery units
  • chillers
  • clean rooms
  • condensers 

Used in different type of fans:

  • centrifugal
  • axial
  • plug/plenum
  • mixed flow
  • cross flow  


Main Advantages of PM motors 

  • Proven ultra-high efficiency, exceeding requirements equivalent to IE5
  • Up to 40% lower losses compared to equivalent IE3 asynchronous motors with frequency converters
  • Exceptional efficiency levels over the whole operating speed range
  • Speeds up to 6,000 rpm
  • Very low noise and vibrations
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Use of ferrite magnets
  • Higher power densities allowing smaller frame sizes
  • Longer life time due to low temperature rise
  • ROI 
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