Automation in production process

Brushed vacuum and brushless motors are used for a wide range of applications in many different industries, ranging from industrial vacuum cleaners to hopper loaders, central vacuums, floor scrubbers to various automation processes, etc. Such motors can be used in any process where you need certain air flow and vacuum or overpressure.  

Used in handling and sorting devices, pneumatic transport, wrapping and packaging systems, ventilation and cooling devices, dryers of granulate and plastic materials. 

Blower advantages are: 

  • Long life time (20,000+ working hours) 
  • Designed for frequent ON/OFF cycles 
  • High power capability; ratio P/m 
  • Customization possible (software, etc.) 
  • Universal voltage supply (100 – 240VAC) 
  • Industrial voltage supply (3~360-500 VAC)      
  • High level of robustness  

Brushed Vacuum Motor advantages are: 

  • compact construction/design  
  • wide range of different design 
  • reliability 
  • and high efficiency 


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