Social responsibility

Domel’s corporate social responsibility lies in the concept of balancing sustainable development, where the company includes concern for social and environmental issues in its operations. Social responsibility is built on the foundations of accepted values through the cooperation of interested stakeholders, which includes local communities, on a voluntary basis in connection with a strong tradition and the company’s own culture. 

Social responsibility is founded on achieving high levels of competitiveness in both local and global markets, and on efforts for excellence. It pursues the sustainable and balanced development of associated companies in the Domel group. The business practices inherent in social responsibility involve

  • prudent investment both in the business environment, which ensures intellectual capital,
  • the health and safety of employees, easier harmonisation of family and work,
  • establishing equal opportunities for all regardless of gender and religion, and
  • cooperation with the local community in all aspects of our business that affect quality of life. 

The company cooperates and communicates with the media, operates transparently and is attentive to all parties. In this way it makes it possible for clients, communities, owners and other business partners to form a transparent picture of the company and its activities, based on true and verified foundations. In this way it enables the construction of an image based on its actual identity, and the creation of a broader opinion on the company’s culture, method of doing business and impact on the environment. 

Employees are motivated towards success and the good performance and development of the company, and are loyal to it. The company has well-trained and competent workers, for whom it provides further training and acquisition of skills. It has no major problems in attracting talent, regardless of its relatively remote geographical location. It facilitates the development of human potential and is open to new associates. 

While the company is employee-owned, it is nevertheless attractive for capital investment. Financial institutions have confidence in the company, support its business orientation and through their services enable it to operate and grow. Our business processes employ high levels of technology, automation and robotisation, which form a basis for building competitiveness and excellence. The innovations that the company gains through the constant process of motivating employees generate new opportunities in the global market.  The company gains fresh knowledge and experience through long-term cooperation with school and higher education institutions and institutes, with the aim of the fastest possible infusion of knowledge into its products 

Consumers desire high-quality products and services that match their purpose and are appropriately priced, are of high quality and manufactured responsibly. The company’s orientation towards resolving social issues in energy supply and in concern for the environment and its solutions for this touch on both areas. It develops and produces products that are innovative and highly energy-efficient. Such products ease the burden on the environment through their low energy consumption. The products are not hazardous, either in use or after they are no longer in use. The use and end-of-life of the products thus have no harmful impacts on the environment. The manufacturing process makes use of the kind of technology that poses no danger to the health of employees and does not harm the environment. The technological processes generally do not involve hazardous substances, materials or radiation that might have the potential to threaten human health in the local or wider area. 

Domel cooperates with the local authorities in the area of ensuring conditions for the growth and development of commercial activities. A common concern is social security, where special attention is focused on employment of local people and also the protection and safeguarding of people from the consequences of natural disasters. The moderate growth and constant progress of the company for half a century now have served to provide around a thousand jobs, which is almost half of all jobs in the municipality of Železniki. This fact places on the company a unique aspect of great social responsibility.  



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