An e-bike sporting your logo

Are you proud of your products? Do you like showing them off? Now your employees can present your brand in a healthy and innovative way, both in their private lives and near where they work, as well as to your business partners.

Enable your employees to co-fund or fully fund a bicycle (you can also use them as rewards), thereby improving employee satisfaction, promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing productivity at work.

By providing e-bikes as a transportation option for employees, your companies can not only support your sustainability goals, but also promote individual health and well-being. Let e-bikes become “healthy” company vehicles or just offer your employees a top-quality e-bike at a great price! A knock-on effect is the advertising of your company's brand.

The bike can be customised to suit your logo. We've already customised it for DOMEL, and can do the same for your company.

ISO 13485 certified, ensuring top-quality, safe laboratory equipment

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