Domel offers a range of motors designed for voltages from 12 V to 76 V with an output power of up to 5 kW. We can develop special design options according to the specific needs of customers. Early cooperation in the development of a feasible solution that will satisfy your needs is crucial.  Such cooperation optimises the operation of the application, and reduces the risks associated with motor reliability, cost overrun and project work. In order to achieve the project’s objectives, we cooperate with you from product design to commercialisation. With your help, we can install our motors in different vehicles, such as passenger cars, wheelchairs, cargo bikes, delivery three- or four-wheelers, smaller or motocross bikes, various small boats or surfboards etc.  

Thanks to simulations, our own prototyping workshop and internal testing laboratory, we can successfully implement your initial idea about the product and take it into series production as soon as possible.  

Turn your ideas into reality with us. 

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