Product Series

467 - High power

130mm, 12–48V, 100–120V or 220–240V, ≤1900W

The 467 series of vacuum motors includes bypass motors for wet and dry applications. These vacuum cleaner motors are installed into a BMC housing which is lighter than sheet metal, while the motor structure enables greater efficiency.

They are manufactured on highly automated production lines. Advanced control devices inspect every motor both during and at the end of the assembly process.

The 467 series is characterised by high quality and energy efficiency. All these advantages make the new series of vacuum motors the most cost-effective, user friendly and energy efficient in the industry. The 467 series motors have a power rating of up to 1900 W, can be used with various voltages, and have a diameter of 130 mm.

Separators and water filters can also be installed. They are double insulated and do not require grounding provision.

The 467 series vacuum cleaner motors are designed and manufactured in the EU.


Technical data


130 mm


1000 g to 1400 g 

Number of stages 1

up to 1900 W

Output power

up to 800 W


up to 45%

Flow rate

from 40 dm3/s to 81 dm3/s 

Positive/negative pressure

from 5.7 kPa to 31 kPa


12–48 V, 100–120 V or 220–240 V 


up to 800 h

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Low noise operation
  • Brushes can be replaced
  • Possible high flow rates
  • Possible upgrade with a separator
  • Possible use of chemical and corrosion resistant components
  • Bagged vacuum cleaners
  • Professional vacuum cleaners
  • Scrubbers
  • Sweepers
  • Spa baths
  • Transport of wood pellets
  • Transport of plastic granules
  • Central vacuum cleaners
  • Fume/smoke extractors