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Vibromix 50

Vibromix 50 is a large bench-top shaker designed for continuous run and heavy loads. This solidly constructed shaker has a housing that is made from coated steel plate to reduce motor noise and ensure stability. A powerful brushless motor and counter-weight shaking mechanism provide smooth operation and years of maintenance free use.

The shakers speed is variable over the whole range, while operation can be set as timed or continuous. Both time and speed are set digitally. Setting the parameters is easy using a single encoder knob. Values are shown on the large, three digit LED display.

Vibromix 50 is suitable for temperature-controlled environments, making it ideal for cold rooms or use in heating incubators. The universal platform for Erlenmeyer flasks is ideal for growing microbiological cultures.


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  • robust and stable construction,
  • different platforms and clamps,
  • compact shaking unit can be mounted separately in incubators,
  • orbital shaking, 25 mm orbit,
  • designed for heavy loads and continuous operation.