Product Series

714 - Thruflow high speed and compact

55mm, 12–48V, ≤600W

The 714 series of electronically commutated brushless vacuum motors is designed to be used in battery driven applications, available in voltages between 12 V and 48 V. This highly efficient and compact motor uses our own innovative technology which enables the lowest vibrations in its class, while the EC technology used also enables longer operating life. The robust structure enables high electric power up to 600 W and speeds up to 100,000 rpm.

The brushless vacuum motors in series 714 are produced in Domel’s Chinese plant in accordance with European standards.


Technical data


55 mm


165 g 

Number of stages 1

up to 600 W

Output power

up to 310 W


up to 54%

Flow rate

up to 33 dm3/s

Positive/negative pressure

up to 25.5 kPa


12–48 V


up to 550 h


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  • EC version
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Low vibrations
  • Low noise operation
  • With or without integrated electronics
  • Battery-powered vacuum cleaners