Product Series

759 - Bypass low voltage & high efficiency

115mm, 12-48V, ≤1200W

The 759 series of electronically commutated brushless vacuum motors includes bypass motors for wet and dry applications. They are the optimal choice for applications where reliability and high efficiency are essential. This compact bypass motor has an excellent power to weight ratio and is designed to be used in wet and dry applications. The brushless motor technology enables the highest efficiency over a wide power range, usually between 250 W and 1200 W, and the motor is suitable for battery-driven applications from 12 V to 48 V and above.

The modular and aerodynamic structure enables a variety of pressure-flow performance curves, from low to ultra-high airflow.

The 759 series brushless vacuum motors are designed and manufactured in the EU.


Technical data


115 mm


326 g to 406 g 

Number of stages 1

250 W to 1200 W

Output power

125 W to 600 W


up to 52%

Flow rate

up to 75 dm3/s

Positive/negative pressure

up to 23 kPa


12–48 V


> 1500 h

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  • EC version
  • High efficiency
  • Long lifetime
  • No carbon brush dust
  • Possible high flow rates
  • With or without electronics
  • Professional battery solutions for extraction
  • Professional battery-powered vacuum cleaners
  • Battery-powered disinfectors
  • Battery-powered paint sprayers