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Centrifuge MF 220 IVD

The CENTRIC MF 220 IVD is a multipurpose laboratory centrifuge, developed according to ISO 13485 standard, and designed for use especially in medical laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 15.500 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 25.785 x g.

Ergonomic and user friendly clinical centrifuge CENTRIC MF 220 is instrument for multi purpose use and comes with seven different rotors, for processing tubes from 1,5-2,0 ml microtubes, up to 50 ml conical tubes. Large illuminated LCD display offers great visibility of set parameters.

Centrifuge CENTRIC MF 220 is simple model, easy to operate. Its stainless steel chamber offers easy cleaning of the centrifuge’s interior.


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