Domel motor to power new e-scooter

03. 01. 2022 | Karmen Nastran, Urška Čmigo

In about a year we will be cruising the streets on “Dreem” electric kick scooters, which will be powered by innovative Domel in-wheel motors with permanent magnets. And when riding them, we will be using impact-absorbing smart helmets.

Domel motor to power new e-scooter

We presented this innovative solution in a European call for tenders and we were selected as the winners in the micromobility segment. Our partners in the project are the Slovenian company Elaphe, with whom we co-designed the motor, the Bumpair company, which is responsible for developing the helmets and the safety elements, and the manufacturer, Punch, which will combine the battery, motor and helmet with the scooter frame and develop a special application. Punch will develop the app using Agile methodology, and it will be available for both iOS and Android systems. The project will include (1) the scooter drivetrain, (2) inflation of helmets, (3) selection of speed mode, (4) primary information on user vehicle status, and (5) planned API integration and integration with the services of other mobility providers.

In this innovative project, the emphasis is on safety. The scooter’s stability is improved by using three wheels, two 8'' wheels in the rear and a larger 10'' wheel in front. The self-inflating helmets absorb impacts. In the event of an accident, the user GPS, connected to a motion sensor, can send a message to three telephone numbers. An audible alarm signal when the vehicle approaches an obstacle, object or pedestrian will be available as an option. The scooter will be equipped with direction indicators that can be activated without having to take your hands off the handlebars. The scooter will have a range of 50 km and will weigh just 9 kg, which is quite a bit lighter than the currently available competition (15 kg). The very powerful Domel brushless DC motor is extremely energy efficient and especially light and compact. The motor generates 350 W of power, with maximum efficiency at 90%, or 85% under normal operating conditions. The batteries will be interchangeable and will support a range of distances from 15 km to 50 km, which will allow the user to choose the optimal compromise between range and vehicle weight. The scooter will also be lockable, and will include navigation and geolocation capabilities.

As they develop, cities are becoming larger and smarter, and e-scooters are creating new opportunities for people and businesses. On average, 49% of the people in the EU use public transport to get to work and back. Moreover, the average daily commute in Europe is less than 20 km. According to initial estimates, the vehicle, which can be easily folded up and taken anytime and anywhere, will cost between EUR 500 and EUR 750.


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