Product Series

458 - High efficiency & low vibration

100mm, 12–48V, 100–120V or 220–240V, ≤940W

The 458 series of vacuum motors is a new generation of vacuum motors for dry applications, designed to comply with the energy label requirements.

These vacuum cleaner motors are installed into a BMC housing which is lighter than sheet metal, while the motor structure enables higher efficiency.

They are manufactured on highly automated production lines. Advanced control devices inspect every motor both during and at the end of the assembly process.

The 458 series motors are compact and lightweight, with all the characteristics of the previous, heavier models. They are environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint and over 50% efficiency. They are produced with 30% less material compared to previous versions. The 458 series is a reliable solution for many different applications, especially where weight is important. These vacuum motors for dry applications are perfect for battery driven applications. They are characterised by high suction power and are available with a wide range of supply voltages.

The 458 series vacuum cleaner motors are designed and manufactured in the EU.


Technical data

Diameter 100 mm
Weight 750 g
Number of stages 1
Power 200 W to 940 W
Output power 100 W to 450 W
Efficiency up to 51%
Flow rate from 35 dm3/s to 46 dm3/s 
Positive/negative pressure from 16.7 kPa to 24 kPa
Voltage 12–48 V, 100–120 V or 220–240 V
Lifetime up to 650 h

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Low vibration
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Bagged vacuum cleaners
  • Stick vacuum cleaners
  • Spa baths
  • Hand dryers
  • Extraction in dental technology