Product Series

459 - High speed & compact

85mm, 120V or 230V, ≤600W

The 459 series of vacuum motors is a new generation of vacuum motors for dry applications, designed to comply with the energy label requirements.

They are manufactured on semi-automated production lines. Advanced control devices inspect every motor both during and at the end of the assembly process.

The 459 series is a compact, lightweight and reliable solution for many different applications, especially where weight is important. The 459 series motors have a power rating of up to 600 W, can be used with various voltages, and have a diameter of 85 mm.

The 459 series vacuum motors are produced in Domel’s Chinese plant in accordance with European standards.


Technical data

Diameter 85 mm
Weight 590 g
Number of stages 1
Power up to 600 W
Output power up to 200 W
Efficiency up to 35%
Flow rate up to 24 dm3/s
Positive/negative pressure up to 20 kPa
Voltage 120 V or 230 V 
Lifetime up to 200 h

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Paint sprayers
  • Hand dryers