Product Series

727 rotor and stator, inner runner

≤ 0,6 Nm, ≤ 10.000 rpm

The 727 series of electronically commutated motors is designed and developed on the basis of our own knowledge and technologies, and is used for various applications in the automotive industry. By using advanced materials, optimal power-to-weight ratio and modular solutions, it allows greater competitive advantage on the market and can be quickly adapted to customer requirements. It fulfils the highest standards in the automotive industry and provides a smaller carbon footprint, reduced noise levels and lower weight, thus ensuring longer vehicle range.


Nominal shaft power from 150 to 750 W
Nominal speed from 1,000 to 10,000 rpm
Nominal torque to 0.6 Nm
Nominal DC voltage 12 V / 24 V


The sale of these motors is subject to certain limitations. For more information please contact Sales manager. 

We offer innovative development solutions tailored to your preferences.

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  • High efficiency
  • Reliability and quality
  • Long lifetime
  • IDC terminal – cutting two wires with one contact
  • Solution adapted to the customer – development competences
  • Motor optimisation according to customer requirements
  • The motor operates at extremely low and high temperatures: from –40 °C to +150 °C
  • Modular solution – quickly adaptable to customer requirements
  • Automotive industry