Product Series

497 - Low voltage

145mm, 20-80VDC, ≤1100W

145 mm (5,7”) - Low Voltage (24 V DC, 36 V DC, 52 V DC)

A special sealing system used was designed to protect bearings against air pollution and moisture (497.3.267). For applications in floor care we have developed a waterproof seal between the blower and motor parts. Blowers can also be -antistatic and anticorrosion-protected and are available in one-, two-, or three-stage configuration. An intelligent drive was adapted to regenerate the air supply of fuel cells. Otherwise, all main technical features are the same as in other blowers (blocked rotor protection, thermal protection, soft start, etc.).

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  • scrubber
  • extractor
  • battery operating equipment
  • air delivery in fuel cells
  • portable vacuum cleaner
  • etc.

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