Product Series

792 - 400V Tangential

145mm, 3~400/480VAC, ≤1100W

145 mm (5,7”) - Tangential discharge (400 VAC)

Family 792 blowers/pumps are available in one-, two-, or three-stage configuration, with power ratings up to 1100W. These are our industrial design blowers with 3-400 VAC +/- 10% supply voltage. These blowers are the most robust in our range. If you would like to use them in pressure applications, we have a solution with a special sealing that protects bearings. Such a solution is available up on request.

We offer innovative development solutions tailored to your preferences.

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  • fume/smoke extraction
  • medical laser fume extraction
  • collator
  • cutting tables/vacuum tables
  • printing machine
  • paper handling
  • packaging equipment
  • hopper loader
  • dryer
  • hand dryer
  • industrial vacuum cleaner
  • cooling various objects
  • etc.

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