9-Brushless blower/pump CODE - 798 Family (thru-flow)

145 mm (5,7”) - Thru-flow (230, 120 VAC or DC)

These are one of the most compact brushless blowers in our product range. These blower series have a 3 phase commutation, which enables user/customer to really precisely control the speed of the blower. We produce such blowers up to 450W. Solutions with universal voltage supply (120VAC and 230VAC) are in our standard production range. We have blowers with 1 or 2 impeller stages available. Main advantages of this blower against similar products on the market are: lower noise, better efficiency and less ∆T of working air.

These blowers could be used in various appliances, particularly:

  • air beds,
  • smaller fume extractors,
  • washer-disinfectors,
  • other various industrial applications.

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Brushless blower/pump CODE - 798 Family (thru-flow)
Brushless blower/pump CODE - 798 Family (thru-flow)

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