Domel’s Ultra-High Efficiency Motors for Data Centres

19. 12. 2021 | Karmen Nastran

The future is with ultra-high efficiency motors. The Domel motor is the most efficient industrial motor ever produced in serial production1, and therefore ideal for use in data centres.

Domel’s Ultra-High Efficiency Motors for Data Centres

Motor concept for data centres

  • Motors come with rotor grounding as standard, and we also offer hybrid (ceramic) bearings as an option.
  • UL/CSA approved, and CE marked.
  • IP55.


Highest efficiency for cooling your data centre

Data centre equipment and servers put off a lot of heat, which means significant spending on cooling and air conditioning. The electricity used by IT devices in the data centre is ultimately converted into heat, which must be removed by cooling equipment that also runs on electricity. On average, servers and cooling systems account for the greatest shares of direct electricity use in data centres, at 43% each, followed by storage drives (11%) and network devices (3%) (Shehabi et al., 2016). Operators face increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and deliver competitively priced services to support users. Domel followed the trend in delivering to energy savings, and in 2009 started with the serial production of PMS motors specifically designed for HVAC applications. These motors comply with the regulations and directives for motor efficiency requirements, guarantee huge energy savings, and as a result improved return on investment.


Domel’s EC motors exceed the IE5 efficiency class (according to IEC 60034-30-2).


Our motors reduce operating costs by working at a very high level of efficiency within a wide speed and power range, significantly reducing total operational costs.

Advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the highest quality and long lifetime of the product with maintenance-free operation.


With Domel towards an energy-efficient future.