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Electric bikes: for a healthy and sustainable future Electric bikes: for a healthy and sustainable future

Let’s take a closer look at why the e-bike is so amazing. It contributes to sustainable mobility and also helps improve the health of individuals and of society as a whole. The option of purchasing a Domel-driven e-bike bearing your company’s logo provides an additional incentive for increasing physical activity. Did you know that we offer personalised bikes?  Riding an e-bike can help employees improve their physical fitness, reduce their stress levels and help them on their way towards a healthier lifestyle. They can now incorporate physical exercise into their daily routine, which eliminates the need to spend time at the gym. But that’s not all the e-bike has to offer. Adaptable mobility is another one of its many super powers, helping employees avoid traffic jams and providing them with a fast and efficient means of getting around. E-bikes are perfect for shorter or medium-length distances, and can be combined with public transport for the best results. And let’s not forget about how much money they can save on fuel and parking charges. E-bikes can open the door to mobility and independence for every employee, not all of whom will have a driving licence or a car. Let’s take a look at how e-bikes are saving the planet. Their CO2 emissions are low because they don’t produce direct exhaust gases or particles. This improves air quality. Domel encourages its employees to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle in their free time. It places great emphasis on recreation, to which it gives substantial financial support. We help finance recreational activities away from the workplace, including skiing, swimming and group recreation in sports halls. We also co-finance massages, visits to the sauna, and holiday accommodation by the sea and at spa resorts. We cover the registration fee in full for employees who wish to take part in running and cycling events, subsidise season tickets for the swimming pool, sauna and tennis facilities at Ratitovec institute, and provide vouchers for group exercise, fitness, massage and recreational swimming in Železniki, Škofja Loka and Kranj. During the summer months, we exercise and take part in various events at Selca sports park. Every year we organise an unforgettable employee picnic, which provides a perfect mix of entertainment and sport. In the autumn and winter we organise group recreation, where employees can play badminton, table tennis, five-a-side football, volleyball or basketball for free. There can be no excuse for not taking part in fitness or group activities on grounds of price, as we provide vouchers that keep costs to a minimum. And if you’re a skiing enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place, with low-price ski passes available for the Soriška Planina, Stari Vrh, and Cerkno ski resorts.   Every day we make a wide range of apples available for our employees. We do all of this to promote sustainability and our employees’ health. E-bikes are proving to be a key factor in the development of a more sustainable future. Not only do they reduce CO2 emissions, but they also provide long-term benefits for individuals and the environment. The combination of fun, recreation and e-bikes gives our employees an unforgettable experience. We are building a more sustainable future – one that connects us and makes us healthier, happier and full of energy.  

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Domel's EC motors have reduced CO2 emissions by the equivalent of those produced annually by almost 20,000 cars: presented at ISH 2023 Domel's EC motors have reduced CO2 emissions by the equivalent of those produced annually by almost 20,000 cars: presented at ISH 2023

Domel is showcasing its ultra-high efficiency EC motors at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt under the slogan "Solutions for a Sustainable Future".

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Domel motor is driving a premium Slovenian electric bike Domel motor is driving a premium Slovenian electric bike

Domel from Železniki and Cult from Logatec are working together to develop electric bikes – the former supplying a mid-drive it has developed itself and the latter developing and assembling the bikes themselves. The bikes are 100% the result of Slovenian expertise and know-how, making them more than worthy of the title ‘Made in Slovenia’.

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Innovative motor for DREEM e-scooter Innovative motor for DREEM e-scooter

Together with Elaphe, Domel developed the TFM (transversal flux) motor for electric kick scooters. The objective of the project was to develop the lightest and most efficient motor.

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