2022 Innovation Day: A Gold Award for Domel

30. 09. 2022
2022 Innovation Day: A Gold Award for Domel

On Tuesday, 20 September 2022, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) presented its annual awards in recognition of the country’s most innovative firms and innovators based in companies and other organisations. The slogan of this year's award ceremony was "Innovation transcends borders". CCIS's best innovation awards are the country’s highest accolades for the innovative achievements of Slovenian companies, and thus promote innovation in Slovenia.

This year, 202 innovations entered the competitions held by regional chambers of commerce, and the best forty-five among them qualified for the national level. The CCIS presented seven gold, twenty-three silver and twelve bronze awards, along with three special innovation challenge awards. Domel received the gold award for its EC wet and dry vacuum motor.

In 2020, Domel's EC motor with a modular design was in the final stage of development. Increasingly smaller dimensions and the use of strategic materials per unit of output power, along with maximum energy efficiency, call for new opportunities to be exploited, which Domel identified in new strategic technologies that demand new construction approaches and at the same time provide a competitive advantage. A new laser balancing technology developed in-house is the key to this innovation, along with the introduction of the laser welding of plastic materials, which replaces glues. This project coincided with the development of a new EC vacuum motor for a US client, which ran its own production until then. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Domel developed an outstanding vacuum motor with the team involved working remotely.

The innovations that received the gold award were on display in the lobby and the courtyard in front of the Brdo Congress Centre. After the ceremony, the presentation of the gold-winning innovations and innovators moved to CCIS's premises in Ljubljana, where it can be viewed until 14 October.

The winners of all the national awards are presented in the following publication:
Katalog nacionalnih priznanj GZS za najboljše inovacije (Catalogue of CCIS Best Innovation Awards)