Cathode blowers for providing air delivery in fuel cells

19. 12. 2021 | Karmen Nastran

Domel solutions are known for their high efficiency, low noise and low vibrations. 

Cathode blower
Cathode blower

Blowers providing air supply are among the most important components of a fuel cell system. Because they allow a higher concentration of oxygen per volume per time, and therefore increase fuel cell efficiency, they are critical to maximising the overall efficiency of fuel cells. This means that a smaller and lighter fuel cell stack can be used.

Domel’s blowers are known for their high efficiency, low noise and low vibrations. A brushless DC motor allows spark-free operation and accurate speed control. Cathode blowers for air delivery are adapted to the higher values of DC supply voltages. Blower components exposed to working airflow are either surface treated or made of stainless steel.


Main features:

  • Peak power up to 2,5 kW
  • Wide range voltage supply: 250- 1000VDC               
  • Working point: 3.500 l/min @ 200 mbar (120 CFM @ 80 inH2O)


Blowers include their own integrated electronics in the latest editions. The CAN interface is available, and this protocol can provide information about various operating parameters, such as operating hours, number of switches ON/OFF, and so on. The software adapts to the specific requirements of the end-user, which allows a high degree of flexibility. Cooperation with the fuel cell manufacturer is appreciated.



For more information, please contact: Jaka Mohorič