E-bike central motor

03. 01. 2022 | Karmen Nastran, Urška Čmigo

In cooperation with its partners, Domel has developed one of the most powerful hybrid central drives for e-bikes. The 700W power can hold for 200 seconds. The electric drive provides additional assistance to the cyclist when needed. The central drive is used for the extraordinary requirements of mountain biking and where the energy efficiency and responsiveness of the whole set are important. The responsiveness of the engine depends on the intensity with which the user applies pressure on the pedals.

E-bike central motor

The drive is equipped with an innovative high-efficiency BLDC motor, with innovative construction and technology that enables a long life, quiet motor operation and high material efficiency of up to 87%. The motor is extremely energy efficient in terms of power.


To be used in various bikes

The drive unit is currently adapted for demanding mountain bikers who like to climb forest paths as fast as they descend. It helps the rider with 750W of power and up to 150 Nm of torque, which is as much torque as a small passenger car can achieve.

The drive is versatile, perfect for experienced mountain bikers and those who want to travel a longer distance in a faster time. Thanks to the excellent Domel motor, the drive at the lowest level of assistance is energy efficient, and thus enables users to cycle long distances.

Due to its high power, the drive is excellent for delivery or cargo bikes.

Precise sensors and software enable optimisation that is suitable for lower speeds and higher starting torque. Due to the weight of the bike, the cyclist on a delivery or cargo bike starts to turn the pedals slowly, where even at a very low cadence the motor provides a great deal of help. The motor can then hold a nominal power of 450W for a very long time, which is suitable for a powerful e-bike or delivery bike. Due to all these features, the drive is also suitable for tricycles or quadricycles.

The drive is also installed on "speed" bikes, which are currently becoming more popular. With the same power, it helps the cyclist reach a speed of up to 45 km/h.


  • Technological solutions have placed the new drive at the very top of performance in the global market.
  • It is classified in the highest quality class.
  • The Domel drive has the highest torque on the e-bike market, and has the best weight / torque ratio in this respect.
  • The drive software can be customised. It is made in such a way that the buyer or distributor of an e-bike can optimise it on their own, thus making it meet their own needs or desires with regard to the drive. The speed is adjustable according to customer requirements.
  • This is the only product on the market where the motor helps at a very low cadence (and thus at low revs).



The development of the e-bike drive was a big challenge for Domel, due to the complexity of the drive unit. The development team gradually upgraded and strengthened its knowledge during this process, and at the same time the drive became increasingly optimised.

As a result of this hard work we have won several awards for this hybrid central drive: a Gold Award for the company Domel, as well as Gold Awards at the regional and national levels for the best innovation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. (link to news)

Domel has a range of motors available, designed for a system voltage ranging from 12V to 48V, and with mechanical power output up to 1 kW. Specific design options can be developed in compliance with particular customer needs.

Early collaboration is critical to developing a feasible solution that meets your needs, optimises application performance and minimises risks in relation to product reliability, cost overruns and program schedule. We collaborate with you from the product design stage to commercialisation in order to achieve the overall objectives of the project.

With simulations, our own prototype construction facility and in-house test department, we can implement your initial product idea successfully and take it to series production in the shortest possible time.


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