High Performance Motors for Power Tools

13. 07. 2021 | Karmen Nastran

Brushless DC motors

We produce brushed and brushless DC motors. There are many advantages of brushless DC motors compared to brushed motors, including longer runtime, more power, and longer lifetime. A drill with a brushless motor adjusts its speed, torque, and power supply to match the task at hand. A brushed drill requires new brushes after every few hundred hours of use, but brushless models don’t have any brushes that need replacement.

High Performance Motors for Power Tools


Today’s most challenging battery-operated tools require power, speed, and efficiency within the most ergonomic package. Studies have proven that users prefer a smaller and lighter tool with a high level of performance. We understand how to make your cordless tools more powerful and efficient. High torque density enables smaller and lighter tools, and high efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles. Low noise and vibration improves the work environment.



We collaborate with our customers across the globe in every phase of their product design – from selecting an optimal drive solution to customising products to meet your application needs.

Domel is known for its individually tailored solutions such as a battery powered chainsaw motor, leaf blower motor, hedge trimmer motor, screwdriver motor, paint spray gun motor and spray disinfection motor for surfaces. Our long-term customers are top brand names in each market segment.


Domel’s advantage is to create customised drive solutions.
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