Innovative complete Air Power Kit (APK)

25. 11. 2022 | Karmen Nastran
Innovative complete Air Power Kit (APK)

We cooperate with Renesas to bring cutting edge motor and drive solutions, miniaturization, simplified electronic circuitry, higher efficiencies, lower material consumption and turn key solutions. The new motor drive from Renesas enables improved battery management and a complete, competitive and innovative solution for cordless battery-powered vacuum applications.

Our collaboration with Renesas allows us to offer our customers complete vacuum motor systems – with motor, drive, battery management and charging systems – with best-in-class in performance, quality and reliability. It's very simple to control the motor, even though the brushless DC (BLDC) motor is sensorless. The result is reflected in low vibration and low noise. This is also achieved due to new laser balancing technology developed in Domel, and the introduction of laser welding of plastic materials, which replaces glues.

The new BLDC motor solution is easy to adapt. It replaces the traditional brushed DC motor in a smaller, lighter, and more reliable form factor with longer life. 

The 650W Air Power Kit operates for up to an hour at full speed between charges, and for two hours at half of the power.  It can be used in many different battery powered applications up to 42V, such as power tools, drones, water pumps, vacuums, cleaning robots, fans, and other systems.

The innovative design cuts the required board space by half, decreases the use of strategic materials, and reduces the motor volume and weight, thus lowering the solution cost, while also offering significantly improved energy efficiency.

The new motor and motor drive are integrated into the Domel 758 series of vacuum motors for dry applications. It is also possible to use the system in the 759 series for wet & dry applications.

The Air Power Kit has integrated safety functions, including IEC 60730 safety standard support, and can detect errors and stop the motor if one occurs.

The new, easy-to-use RSSK features a complete evaluation environment that includes an application specific board, motor, and reference firmware, offering easy motor control debugging and allowing customers to immediately begin evaluating their motor control design, executing real-time analysis and tuning to accelerate development.